Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Well so really for us it is not Valentine's Day in Brazil, but we celebrated it. Louis and I made these delicious cookies and Mike came home with these Beautiful flowers.

Thank you honey I love them.
So everyone I hope you enjoyed your Valentines Day, because I did.

Fun With Gigi

Louis has so much fun with his friend Gigi. She came over the other weekend to go swimming, they had so much fun!! Come and play again soon.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Fun Sunny Day!!!

Sorry about the photos, but I could not get them to upload flipped.
So here is Louis entertaining his Lady friends!!! What a stud..

They were making animals noises with him and he loved it.

Louis and I have so much fun down at the pool and today was a great day to be in the sun. It was my first taste at the Brazilian sun...HOT, HOT, HOT...we had to stay in the pool just to keep our bodies cool from the sun. Also so Louis could play with the cute girls who love to play with him.

To end my wonderful day was my husband that came home to take us out to Omatuto (Brazilian Churrascaria) my favorite. It was delicious and I missed it so much when I was back in the states. I can say there will be few things that I miss about Brazil when we leave.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wii Party

Dance OFF!!!!!

Well we have been enjoying the Wii since we have gotten home. Last weekend we had a Wii Party with some of our friends. It was so much fun. We had gotten Dance Off with our Wii so we had dance offs!!! It was so much fun I am looking forward to the next one.

Happy Birthday Louis

Louis Turns 2

Louis had such a great birthday this year. Thank you so much for Grandma and all of the aunts to help put everything together. Mike and I have made it a tradition that we make the birthday cakes. So we thought we would make our difficulty level a little higher then last year. I think when I get back to California I need to take a cake assembling class. We were quite proud of how the cake turned out. We started making in at 7:00pm and finally got finished and went to be at 3:00am. It was worth it.

Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Boy!!!!

Louis's Photoshoot

My sister Hayley had taken some really cute pictures of her kids down at the pallet company and so we thought we would give it a try to take Louis's 2 year old pictures and this is what we got.

Visiting Papa Chirs

Warren, Grandpa Chris, and Johnny

Grady, Tom, Taylor, and Warren
They had a bunch of Wooden mind games the boys were addicted.

Swapping Babies
Hayley, Mason, Lynsi, and Sydney

Yes that is me in the very back. We took Grandma Olson home and I rode there until we dropped her off. Louis loved riding with Abbey, Austin, and Taylor.
For the rest of the time we were at my moms when he would get in her car he would look in the back and ask for the three of them. It was so funny, he thought they were always there.

When we are in town I always try to head up to Blackfoot, ID to see my Grandpa Chris. This time was lots of fun we were all there except for Chris. Grandpa always makes us a really good dinner. He is a potato farmer and a cattle rancher so we usually have roast and potatoes, So yummy!!!
His two sons, our uncles, live up there with him so it is always good to see them too. It is the ultimate bachelor pad up there!!!!